Ozone-Related Products

What is an Ozonized Water Generator?

Ozonized water has strong oxidizing power and is used to remove organic and metallic impurities by forming an oxide films on the surface of materials. Other uses are for sterilization, bleaching, and deodorization.

Because ozonized water breaks down into water and oxygen over time, it is not residual, and, unlike chemicals, does not require large-scale waste-liquid treatment. It is environmentally friendly and can be used safely.

Ozonized water is used in various industries for many different applications, including cleaning during manufacturing processes and surface treatment applications such as oxidation and hydrophilization of materials, as well as in the medical and food sectors.

In recent years, from the viewpoint of safety and reduction of environmental footprint, there has been growth in the use of ozonized water as a substitute for concentrated sulfuric acid and other chemicals."


Features of Ozonizer-related Products

01. Strong oxidizing power
02. No need for harmful chemical waste liquid treatment
03. Low environmental footprint


EBARA’s strengths in Ozonizer-related Products
The supply of highly concentrated ozone gas and ozonized water with superior concentration and flow-rate stability enables highly efficient performance of processes.

EBARA’s ozone-related product line-up includes ozonized water generators and ozonizers that are able to generate ultra-highly concentrated ozone gas. The Ozonized Water Generator, which combines an ultra-high concentration ozonizer, low-contamination pressure pump and our proprietary ozone gas dissolving know-how, can generate highly concentrated ozonized water with 125 mg/l concentration. With its superior concentration and flow rate stability, this product makes it possible to perform processes efficiently and in a stable manner.

It is also fitted with an on-demand operation function for variable ozonized water flow. Adjusting the supply of ozonized water to suit the process reduces running costs, and the small footprint design means it can be installed in limited space. Ozonized Water Generators are increasingly being used in a variety of fields, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing processes, which require a high degree of cleanliness, as well as machining processes in the manufacture of chemical materials and other materials.