Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

What is Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment?

Semiconductor technology supports a wide range of devices essential for everyday life, including computers, smartphones, home appliances, vehicles, and medical equipment. The degree of precision of semiconductor manufacturing processes is advancing day by day, and processing equipment needs to deliver machining precision at the nanometer level. High-precision machining equipment, which is manufactured by combining various advanced technologies, supports the evolution of semiconductors.

01. Specialized machining equipment that requires machining precision at the micrometer (um) and nanometer (nm) levels.
02. Cutting-edge manufacturing equipment that combines various technologies in advanced ways.


EBARA’s strengths in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Our highly precise and reliable manufacturing equipment contributes to increased productivity in semiconductor manufacturing.

EBARA’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and certain reliability, contributes to increased productivity in semiconductor manufacturing. We support the evolution of semiconductor technology with cutting-edge technical capabilities and reassuring support systems. Our diverse product lineup includes CMP systems whose unique construction delivers high operating rates and throughput, flexible bevel polishing equipment that offers high-performance polishing and defect removal performance, and plating systems that allow system configuration with high throughput and flexibility.